Do You Put Milk in Instant Coffee Before Water?

Instant coffee has come a long way over the years! If you are a fan, it has possibly crossed your mind if you can add milk prior to adding in your water.

When preparing instant coffee, coffee experts do not suggest putting milk in before water for instant coffee. Milk will provide a creamy texture, but it will restrict the coffee from producing different flavor notes. It can also keep the powder from dissolving properly, which could result in a chalky tasting coffee drink.

pouring milk in a cup of hot coffee

Powdery coffee first thing in the morning will not start a person’s day off in the right direction. Since water is the best solution to start the day off right for the coffee drinker, one should keep these tips and tricks under their hat for that instant cup of coffee to taste like a decadent café style latte.

Should You Put Milk Or Water First In Instant Coffee?

In order to get the best cup of instant coffee, water is the key before adding milk to your coffee. This will provide the coffee drinker with a more aromatic taste. After the coffee is fully brewed, the coffee drinker may add milk, whipped cream or any other flavor profile to their liking.

By putting in milk first, the following could happen with your coffee:

  • The flavors will not produce 
  • The crystals will not absorb properly in the coffee
  • The milk could curdle by pouring hot water on top 

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Non-Dairy Milk VS Regular Milk

If you are looking for a different way to spruce up your instant coffee that won’t involve cow’s milk, there are plenty of non-dairy options out there. Most of the non-dairy milks that are made have a reasonable amount of water, which can help the flavor crystals absorb with compromising the taste of the milk.


Oat milk is becoming increasingly popular amongst coffee drinkers due to its richness and texture found in cow’s milk. It contains less fat and has a higher fiber content that can help your digestive system. The taste is full and has a smooth texture.


Almond milk is very popular as well due to it’s array of flavors and the ability to have it sweetened or unsweetened. The best way to add almond milk to your coffee is to heat it up so it doesn’t curdle. The taste provides a nutty flavor that compliments any cup of coffee. 


Coconut milk is popular because of its thicker texture and flavor profile. It also has a naturally dense consistency so it will not water down your coffee. The flavor is quite sweet and will keep you from adding sugar to your coffee.

  1. SOY MILK:

Soymilk is very popular and can be found in almost every coffee shop you go into. Soymilk is easily accessible and the most affordable of the non-dairy milks. It has a soft, creamy texture with a neutral taste for those who want the full taste of their coffee.

Tips For Preparing Instant Coffee

Hot water is one of the main components, but there is more to it when preparing your instant coffee. Here are some helpful tips that can make your coffee a more flavorful and enjoyable experience:

  • MIX IN COLD WATER: Experts have found that using a little bit of cold water first in instant coffee breaks down the coffee granules faster and can provide the drinker with a more flavorful and aromatic beverage. You’ll only need a teaspoon to break down the granules first before pouring in your hot water.
  • FILTERED WATER: Water is the MAIN carrier of the coffee recipe. Tap water can carry dust, sediment and rust because it is not filtered properly. Filtered water from a Brita Filter or filtered sink will provide a smooth tasting cup of coffee without the added particles found in tap water. 
  • WATER TEMPERATURE: Water temperature is very important. The best temperature for coffee will be between 190 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The closer to 205, the better the taste. If it goes above 205, the coffee will burn and leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

Best Instant Coffees

The most important component to your coffee is the coffee itself. There is a misconception that all instant coffees taste the same no matter what. However, there are many different brands out there that smell and taste pretty close to brewed coffee and even provide flavor notes that range from full and rich to bright and fruity. 

These are only some of the highly rated instant coffees that will provide you with a full, vibrant cup first thing in the morning:

Mount Hagen Organic Fairtrade Instant CoffeeA single origin coffee with a velvety and sophisticated flavor profile from Papua 
New Guinea 
It is Organic Fair-trade. It continues to be on the top lists of organic instant coffees
It can range from $30 – $35 depending on shipping costs
Waka Quality Instant CoffeeIt is made from 100% Arabica Beans
It is freeze dried to help preserve the aroma and flavor of the beans
Ranges in flavors from Columbian to Indian
It can range from $12 – $30 depending on size and shipping 
Cafe Altura Instant CoffeeIt is Organic Fair-trade
This coffee can be served Iced Or Hot
Great for Baking 
$23 dollars for a two pack, which comes standard
Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee MixThe organic Chaga mushroom has antioxidant properties that help boost your immune system
It tastes like coffee and not like mushrooms
It is perfect for all persons with dietary restrictions (vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo) 
It ranges from $12.50 – $15 depending on the flavor and shipping

Milk Alternatives You Can Use At Home And Save Money

The basic recipe for instant coffee is appealing to almost everyone because it is quick, easy and doesn’t require extra equipment when preparing it. It can also cut down on costs that you might be spending at your local coffee shop. 

“Lattes are, according to data shared with Refinery29 by the app Square, the most popular coffee drink in the US. Last year alone, we drank more than 67 million of them, at an average price of $4.16.”

History Of Coffee Latte Prices

If cost is an issue but you want that café quality drink, no need to fret. With simple ingredients from your local super market, you can make your own café quality drink with Instant Coffee and save your money.


All you need is a sealable jar, sugar and warm water for your iced coffee! Give it a good shake until it’s nice and foamy and pour it over ice. Top it off with milk or your favorite dairy alternative for a delicious iced latte.


If you are prone to adding milk to your coffee but are looking for something with a little more flavor, try a non-dairy creamer. Vanilla almond milk and cashew milk provide the same creamy texture of milk without the dairy and can give your instant coffee more flavor and body.


Butter is just about great on everything, and it’s even better with instant coffee. Butter helps to tone down the bitterness that can come with instant coffee and provide you with a smooth silky taste. It can also help to boost your metabolism and your energy levels.

Remember, It’s Your Coffee

While it’s recommended to prepare instant coffee with water first, it all comes down to your personal preference. One type of coffee prep doesn’t work for every person. A French Press might be too strong while espresso could be too rich. 

Our taste buds differ and only you know what is to your liking. Take the steps recommended to prepare the best instant coffee for yourself and then you can make any adjustments you want. 

We are constantly on the go. Whether going to work, running errands, or going on a trip, the last thing we want is to worry about missing out on our daily coffee routine. Instant coffee might not be your go to, but if prepared using recommended steps, you may just find yourself giving it a chance to help your mornings run more smoothly. 


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