Can Nespresso Capsules Be Used Twice?

if you’ve purchased a Nespresso Vertuo you’ve probably wondered, can I reuse these capsules?

Nespresso doesn’t recommend that Nespresso Capsules be used more than once. But, users can get more than one brew from a capsule if they want, but it will be of lesser quality.

If you choose to reuse your capsules, you don’t necessarily need to brew the second cup immediately afterward, but as soon as the pierced pod is exposed to air, it quickly begins to lose flavor.

The aluminum foil method

If you are desperate to reuse your Nespresso capsules, go to the post to read about the aluminum foil method.

Get the most out of your Nespresso machine by following the recommendations of only using the Nespresso capsules one time.

But. read the post to find work arounds. Just know you will be sacrificing quality and taste.