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Instant Coffee Hardened. Now what to do?

Moisture can cause your instant coffee to harden. When clumps moisten and then dry back out eventually, your instant coffee is left chunky and hard.

Let’s get started on how to prevent this!

A good seal on a airtight coffee container is the key to preventing moisture in the jar.

Avoid storing coffee in the fridge as it can take on the taste of other foods and be exposed to moisture.

Store coffee grounds in a dry location, away from water. This will help them last longer and prevent them from getting hard.

Is it OK to drink hardened coffee?

Drinking hardened coffee will not hurt you, but it may not offer the same enjoyable experience as a freshly brewed cup.

The most important factor in preventing coffee from going hard in storage containers is by avoiding moisture. Store coffee in a cool, dry location away from sunlight for best results.