CAN YOU REHEAT A LATTE? without ruining it?

You decide to treat yourself to a nice hot latte from Starbucks, only to find yourself too busy to enjoy it before it gets cold. There’s a lot of debate over what to do next: drink it cold? Throw it away? Try to save it?

Reheat a latte?

Read on to find out how to reheat a  latte successfully - it’s not hard to do, but it’s easy to get wrong if you haven’t done it before.

There are three main ways to reheat a latte: – Microwave – Stovetop – Steam wand Each one works just as well, so it’s really a matter of your preference and what tools you have available.

One of the quickest and most convenient ways to reheat a  latte is by using the microwave.

Microwaves are convenient, but they’re not the only way to reheat a latte. You can just as easily use a stove, although it might take a little longer.

Steamer Wand

The process to reheat a latte using a steamer wand is the same whether you use one attached to a larger machine or a standalone one. Pour the latte into an appropriate container with enough room to keep the latte from overflowing.