Out of Coffee Creamer?

Find some great substitutes when you are out of coffee creamer and milk.

If you prefer to not take your coffee black, some of the best coffee creamer substitutes might already be in your kitchen.

Milk or Cream are great options!

On a ketogenic or paleo diet? Need a lactose-free/ non-dairy creamer choice, or simply ran out of creamer? Add flavor to your coffee while still getting a flavor you love.

Whipping cream, heavy cream, or goat milk are tasty options.

Condensed milk, sweetened or not are tasty options.

Butter, cacao butter, and egg yolks can be used as coffee creamer substitutes.

What to look for:

Almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and oat milk are tasty options for coffee creamer.

Maple syrup, vanilla, and honey are popular coffee creamer alternatives!